31 May 2012

Day 87: Concrete for foundations

Oh, what excitement. Every person on site spent the day rushing to get everything in place before the concrete trucks came at 03:30pm. The plastic layer of DPC was arranged in place. The steel reinforcement was bent, positioned and inspected by the engineer. And finally, the concrete was brought in and poured smoothly into place. It splashed everywhere. For a curious little architect it meant dirty jeans and a camera full of concrete spray.

27 May 2012

Day 83: Stormwater

The pipe visible in the photographs is a 160mmø stormwater pipe running through the length of our property. The purpose of this pipe is to assist in the movement of water runoff which comes from the hill on the nature reserve’s side. The pipe is bedded in soft sand and will be buried beneath the future floor slab.

03 May 2012

Day 59: Excavations 90% complete

It was such an amazing feeling, to stand in front of the newly carved driveway and to realize that I have made the right decision. The wonderful and terrible thing about this site was the beautiful big rock. You do not want to destroy even a portion of it, but you stil need to gain access. The realized concept of the driveway exceeds expectations. It created this beautiful portal leading up to the future house. I believe the building will appear slightly tucked in behind the rock and, with the planned vegetation, will subtly blend into the site.