12 September 2012

Day 191: Wine Cellar – The true story

On the day that the shutter work was removed from the concrete wine cellar, I received a phone call from my builder. “Nadine, I think you should come to site”, he said. I immediately expected the worst.  

When I arrived at site it did not look that bad. During the casting process the shutter work was not supported enough and the weight of the concrete pushed the shutter work a little bit further apart. This caused the plastic pipes to shift. As a result, some of the pipes were skew and irregular at the visible fa├žade.

The first attempt showing the irregularities as well as concrete honeycomb at the bottom left corner.

 My builder made the decision to break down and rebuild. The shutter work was thoroughly supported the second time and the concrete systematically compacted to prevent the formation of concrete honeycomb.

The final result showing smooth concrete and even spaced openings. Almost perfect! Now we just need to fill it up with wine…

P.S. Can anyone tell me why the flaking occurred at the top?