25 March 2013

Day 395: The view

The shutter work is going up for the first floor slab, and what a view we are going to have! You can literally see a 360˚ view.  Pretoria is visible to the north and west and the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve to the south and east. 

The future view from our bedroom window

22 March 2013

Day 392: Steel details

I know it has literally been a month since my last post. A lot has happened in terms of planning for the next slab. We did a lot of research to get the correct formwork for the surface finish of the concrete walls and ceiling. And this week finally everything is in place. The site is crawling with people erecting shutter work and preparing all the details so that the next slab can be cast. I will post some photos about the progress soon.

Off site, a lot of hard work went into preparing steel details which forms the edges of concrete slabs above the fire place and beneath the outside braai.

 Grinding mild steel tapered flange channels into the correct sizes.

 Correctly cut steel pieces with angled edges.

 Welding steel pieces together.

 Final steel structure painted with red oxide primer and ready to be installed and receive in-situ cast concrete.