27 April 2014

House number

In 2010 my husband and I lived in Munich, Germany. All the houses in Munich have the same blue street signs indicating the street name and number. Before we left I had a street sign made for our new house. Back then we had already purchased the land but had no idea what we would build on this big beautiful rock.

26 April 2014

Pure wool

The decision to install a carpet in the main bedroom and walk-in-closet was not taken lightly. Originally I allowed a 20mm recess in the concrete floor for timber hardwood flooring. However, after using the reclaimed pine for the ceilings and the wall behind the bed, I could not find a suitable timber. Every option was explored until I realised that all the surfaces are too harsh. The room needed softness.  A pure wool carpet provided the texture and tactile sense needed.

The carpet installers nail timber strips into the concrete floor. The timber strips has angled nails sticking up into the air. First they place underfelt and then they place the carpet, pulling it tight into the nails.

Please excuse the closet…we live here!


19 April 2014


The first set of waterproof LED strip lights are installed above the garage door, illuminating the entrance facade.