21 August 2013

Day 545: Plumbing congestion

Dear architect,

Please remember to make the ducts a little bit bigger next time. The poor plumber is having a hard time.

20 August 2013

Day 544: Sawdust

The carpenter started preparing the ceiling planks. We are reusing the wood that was used in casting the concrete walls. Look at all the saw dust!

I think we should get a hamster… 

02 August 2013

Day 526: Structural steel for the roof

On the inside of the concrete rim, we have a sheet metal roof. A structural steel frame carries the roof sheeting. Steel I-beams are welded to a steel base plate which is fastened to the concrete with chemical anchors. A steel angle is welded onto the top of the I-beam. Steel purlins are then fixed to the steel angles with bolts and nuts.  Everything is in place to receive the roof sheeting.