17 September 2013

Day 572: Reclaimed pine ceiling

After we used the pine planks as form work for the concrete walls, I asked a carpenter to sand them down, remove most of the concrete and reuse them to create the first floor ceilings. The result is really spectacular!

Initially I thought the timber would be too rough and that we would have to white wash the timber. However, now I think it is quite authentic and we should simply apply a sealer and leave all the roughness exposed. What do you think?

09 September 2013

Day 564: Roof sheeting

Finally our house has a roof!

I selected a sheet metal roof in a light dove grey colour. The light colour roof will reflect most of the sun’s heat and absorb much less heat than a dark colour roof. Therefore the light roof assists in keeping the interior climate cool.

07 September 2013

Day 562: Roof insulation

To insure proper thermal insulation of the roof, we opted to use 100mm thick glasswool insulation. The insulation was placed on top of the steel purlins and covered with the roof sheets. We chose a product which consists of a combination of naturally occurring minerals such as silica sand and 80% recycled glass. The thick insulation will prevent heat transfer through the roof, therefore inhibiting heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter.