10 March 2012

Day 5: Rock

It is unbelievable the amount of rock that can come out of a small piece of ground. We expected rock, therefore I designed the building core to be constructed using rock harvested from the site. I also included boulders in the design of the landscaping. But I have to admit, we got more than we bargained for.

08 March 2012

In the beginning

In February 2008 my husband and I found a gorgeous little piece of earth. A green island in the ever-growing city. Only a massive 3 meter high rock was visible from street level. So, we scrambled up the rock onto a narrow 400m² site. On the northern boundary is a little hill belonging to the nature reserve, and on the southern a magnificent 180° view over Pretoria. We were hypnotized.

The site generates several challenges. To begin with, we have a big beautiful rock blocking our entrance. Then the total width of the site is only 12 meters.

We only started the design in January 2011 after returning from a year in Germany (www.48gradnord.blogspot.com). In May 2011 we were reasonably satisfied with the idea and consequently submitted our design for council approval. We had to get relaxation of building lines to enable us to use all of our 12 meters. This resulted in a timeous process and we only received approval in October 2011.

Day 1: Digging our basement

Day 2: More digging