29 November 2013

Day 648: Certificate of occupancy

The building inspector has inspected and approved. Our house is safe to be inhabited. Tomorrow we are moving in.


20 November 2013

Day 639: Water leak

Last week when the hot water installation was completed, we discovered a water leak. The hot water pipes cast into the concrete roof were damaged during the casting and are now leaking. Unfortunately the only way to fix it is to break open the concrete, fix the pipe and repair the concrete. Not the end of the world.

On a brighter note, the building inspector came to site today to do the final occupation inspection. He was happy with everything! He only requested that we put up a garden fence to prevent someone from falling off the rock. Easy!

16 November 2013

Day 636: The garden

Since the initial concept of the house, we intended to preserve the natural vegetation. After construction, the rock plants and veld grasses growing naturally needs to be rehabilitated. The planted balcony on the northern side will also continue the concept and allow natural grasses to be integrated into the house fa├žade.

We invited an ecologist to assist us in identifying the species of vegetation in our area and on our site. She is assisting us in developing this ecological garden. The nature reserve provides us with a rich seed bank and even during the harsh construction period some natural trees has established roots in our garden.

To give our garden a head start, we selected a few species to plant. Now we need to wait and see what nature allows.

                 Aristida junciformis – Bristel Grass                             Themeda triandra – Red Grass

                 Melinis nerviglumis – Bristle-Leaved red top            Ochna pulchra – Lekkerbreek

                 The gardeners

06 November 2013

Day 626: Handrail

Using an angle grinder we cut away some of the brickwork next to the concrete stair to insert a steel handrail. The recessed handrail allows the user to slide his hand up the wall as he moves up the stairs. At night a hidden LED strip light will illuminate the handrail.

05 November 2013

Day 625: Workers

These are all the workers who were on site today:

1. Plaster guys
2. Carpenter
3. Electrician
4. Plumbers
5. Table top installers
6. Steel subcontractors
7. Aluminium subcontractors