22 December 2013

Day 671: Kitchen counters

The kitchen counters are 60mm thick sand kiaat timber. I love them.

The most amazing thing about the counters is the story of where they came from. On a residential property close to Tzaneen a very old large tree fell down due to natural causes. The land owner requested and received a permit from the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries to remove the tree and to use the timber to make furniture.  Now it is in my kitchen. 

 The photo taken of the fallen tree

Sand kiaat kitchen counters 

18 December 2013

Day 667: Electrical plugs

I have been absent for a while. Moving turned out to be a much bigger job than simply moving boxes from our apartment to our house. We have to install shelving, make furniture, order curtains… and the list continues. Interior design is a whole new game and we have a few interesting stories about reclaimed timber tables and sustainable foresting. But for now, have a look at our electrical wall plugs. I am trying to use as much white as possible with the interior finishes to contrast with the textures and earthy tones of the architecture.