24 September 2014

Makoro: Vertical gardening

Vertical gardening is a delightful solution for a vegetable garden in a small urban space. This vertical garden consist of two elements:

“Grow-Wall” has an easy to assemble stackable system for container gardening. These containers are perfect for herbs such as mint which are famous for “taking over” a garden.

A Makoro is an African canoe, also called a dug-out since it is constructed by hollowing out a tree trunk. These canoes are used for fishing by the local people in Mozambique. We converted a used Makoro into a vegetable garden. 

We constructed a steel frame to support the weight of the Makoro filled with soil. The frame was painted with two coats red oxide primer and a final grey overcoat. 

To protect the Makoro we treated the inside with two coats wood sealer and lined it with a double layer of plastic. Sufficient drainage is ensured by holes drilled into the bottom of the Makoro and a perforated pipe covered in a rock layer.