13 February 2013

Day 355: Structural steel

Look! I-beams! Now this really gets me excited. When pondering the colour of our structural steel, we decided a natural rust colour would complement the spectacular red-yellow colour of the stone. We did some research, asked a few steel experts and experimented. We took a steel flat plate, cleaned it and treated it with acid. The acid started and accelerated the rusting process.  After a couple of weeks when the rust colour was consistent we cleaned the sample with soda ash and sealed it with a clear lacquer to stop any future rusting.   

After a lengthy explanation, the steel subcontractor ordered our steel columns and beams and started the treatment. It became important that each individual steel piece is rusted and treated before assembly. Our patient subcontractor waited more than a month before the colour was correct. Today they started installation and I simply cannot stop smiling.

07 February 2013

Day 349: Some results

After days and days of polishing concrete floors we are seeing some results. I quite like the rough but refined look. I feel like a jeweller, polishing a diamond to reveal its hidden state. Is this the true face of concrete?